Jessie J Hits Out At 'Secret Lesbian' Report

19/04/2012 15:52

Jessie J has raised her Voice over allegations she is a 'secret lesbian', branding the report "another boring untrue story".

"They knew how important image was and asked her to tone it down a bit. There are so many homophobes out and there were fears of a career-damaging backlash."

However the fuming singer has hit out the claims, tweeting: "Its funny how many people I've dated slept with that I've never even met according to the tabloids. BUT what's that?! *whispers because its a secret* I'm really a lesbian?! Ha! Thanks for writing yet another boring untrue story. I thought I was still dating Tinie, NO Ellie G, NO Mark Wright....bla bla bla! #cantkeepup #noneofitstrue."

The singer has never been quiet about her bisexuality in the past, telling a recent issue of Glamour Magazine: "The frustrating thing is that if I was with a guy right now, I'd be (considered) straight. But if I was with a girl, I'd be 'gay,'.

"When I was with my ex-girlfriend, I used to take her around and say, 'This is my girlfriend.' People would be comfortable with it because I was.

"That's what annoys me about the media. I've never tried to make (my sexuality) something that's going to put me in newspapers or magazines. I'm never, ever going to let it be something that sells my music. Sexuality shouldn't define you."


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