Angelina Jolie Dresses Down (Obviously) For Special Envoy Visit To Ecuador

23/04/2012 11:50 | Updated 22 May 2015
Jason Tanner/UNHCR /PA

Lest we forget that Angelina Jolie has other functions than being the wearer of a big old engagement ring, here are some pictures of the actress wearing her humanitarian hat (N.B. this is not a real hat, just a metaphorical one) and visiting Ecuador in her role as a Special Envoy of the United Nations.

Jason Tanner/UNHCR /PA
Angelina was recently promoted from Goodwill Ambassador to Special Envoy after over a decade of work and numerous visits on behalf of the organisation. She is now expected "to focus on large-scale crises resulting in the mass displacement of people, to undertake advocacy and represent UNHCR and Mr Guterres [the UN High Commissioner for Refugees] at the diplomatic level" which seems to be a long way of saying "she is now responsible for actual diplomacy as well as awareness raising and photo opportunities".
Jason Tanner/UNHCR /PA
While visiting the country, Jolie met with refugees who had fled to Ecuador from Colombia. Oh, and in case you were here for a comment on her outfit (not an unreasonable expectation given MyDaily is largely devoted to fashion):

You don't go to see a community of vulnerable people struggling with basic human rights issues and with limited access to resources while wearing a massive diamond ring and a couture dress so Angelina stuck to an all-black vest and jeans ensemble with a pair of sturdy wellies and a handy rucksack.

Jason Tanner/UNHCR /PA


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