Gareth William Death: Key Questions Surrounding the MI6 Agent's Death

23/04/2012 09:51 BST

In one of the highest profile and most memorable criminal mysteries in recent years, the death of the MI6 spy Gareth Williams, found in a padlocked holdall in his London home, will be attempted to be solved by an inquiry featuring over 30 witnesses.

There are a multitude of unanswered questions for the investigation to try to answer, but here are some of the key mysteries still outstanding:

  • Were secret agents specialising in the "dark arts" responsible for Mr Williams's death in his Pimlico home?
  • Is it physically possible that he was able to get inside a North Face holdall in his bathtub before padlocking himself in?
  • Could a third party have been present when he died despite no trace of DNA or fingerprints?
  • Why did police remove the front door to his flat if there were no signs of a break-in?
  • Why was there no sign of struggle on his body? Could he have been drugged despite normal blood tests?
  • What exactly did Mr Williams do for the GCHQ listening station - was he an active MI6 agent when he died? Why had he been placed on secondment in London?
  • Why did it take colleagues eight days to realise he was missing?
  • What happened to Mr Williams's possessions that he kept in a shared locker at the MI6 headquarters?
  • Why have letters gone missing between the coroner and police in recent months?
  • Has information been withheld because shedding light on Mr Williams's death could jeopardise secret security operations?
  • Why did he fail to tell his employer that he was undertaking a series of part-time fashion courses at Central St Martins College?
  • Why did it take forensic teams more than a year to realise a spot of DNA on Mr Williams's hand matched a scientist on the crime scene?

Gareth William's investigation so far, in pictures...