Sacha Baron Cohen's Dictator Jokes About The Queen In Recent Trailer

26/04/2012 13:40

Sacha Baron Cohen’s controversial The Dictator is causing more of a stir as it directs jokes towards Queen Elizabeth.

In the film's most most recent trailer, Cohen - dressed as General Aladeen, leader of the fictional Republic of Wadiya - looks straight into the camera and addresses the Queen directly:

“I would like to congratulate your dictatoress Elizabeth on her blood diamond jubilee and I hope it is a smooth transition when her son Charles eventually kills her and seizes power.”

Earlier this year Cohen caused controversy as he turned up at the Oscars dressed as General Aladeen flanked by two women in military dress. The star clutched an urn - which he claimed to hold the late Kim Jong-Il’s ashes - before spilling them over an unsuspecting Ryan Seacreast.

Anyone else think the star has taken things a little too far?

Watch Cohen spill 'ashes' over Ryan Seacreast at the Oscars

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