Rihanna Tweets Make-Up Free Pic (PHOTO)

27/04/2012 09:06
  • The Huffington Post UK

Most women we know would be devo'd if a picture of them with no slap on hit the internet.

But if there was one person who's confident about what she looks like at any time of the day, it's obviously Rihanna, who tweeted this picture of herself without make-up.

And ever the shy and retiring type, RiRi was wearing little else in the snap either, appearing to just be sporting a white Hawaiian lei.

Her sans-clothes situation could be explained by the tweet that accompanied the picture, as she admitted she'd just shared a 'special moment' with someone.

"Just got "laid" #hawaiinleiLIFE," she wrote.

Thanks for over sharing, RiRi.


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