The Voice: Sir Tom Jones' Team Gets Twice As Much Rehearsal Time As's - Advantage? (PHOTOS)

PA  |  Posted: 28/04/2012 00:43 Updated: 28/04/2012 00:43   PA

With The Voice shows looming tonight, it has emerged that Sir Tom Jones' team have had almost twice as much rehearsal time with their coach before tonight's live show than Will's team.

The Black Eyed Peas star has flown to America twice in the last week.

Do you think rehearsal time will make a difference to the outcome of the live shows? Comments please...

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Contestant Tyler James said: "Obviously, he's a busy man. He'll nip back to America for two days. He'll nip to a country for a day but then he'll be back when we need him. He's wicked, man."

Meanwhile, the remaining acts enjoyed some glossy makeovers this week - see the results below...

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  • Tyler James - All pics: BBC

  • Aleks Josh

  • Becky Hill

  • Cassius Henry

  • David Julien

  • Hannah Berney

  • Max Milner

  • Ruth Ann St Luce

  • Toni Warne

  • Vince Kidd

  • Adam Isaac

  • Bo Bruce

  • Frances Wood

  • Jaz Ellington

  • Joelle Moses

  • Leanne Mitchell

  • Matt and Sueleen

  • Ruth Brown

  • Sam Buttery

  • Sophie Griffin


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