Tulisa Contostavlos 'Relieved' By Public Reaction After Sex Tape Leak

27/04/2012 07:42 BST | Updated 26/06/2012 10:12 BST

Tulisa Contostavlos is getting over her sex tape heartbreak thanks to the sympathetic attitude of the public.

The singer was devastated when a clip of her sharing an "intimate moment" with her ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards hit the net and she was convinced the scandal would end her career.

In a new interview with funnyman Alan Carr, Tulisa admits she feared the public would turn on following the leak: "I'm thinking, 'Oh God, my career could be over - the whole UK thinks I'm a s**pper.' I have been surprised by how nice everyone has been. I haven't done anything wrong, so any normal person would be like, 'She's human'."

Tulisa adds on the show, which will be aired on Friday: "I would hardly call it a sex tape. Number one, there was no sex involved. Number two, a 19 year old who's just starting to learn and her boyfriend pulls out a camera, doesn't really class as a sex tape.

"Everyone does it. Such a big deal has been made out of it that I feel like a b**ody alien."

Tulisa also revealed that her grandmother in Greece still doesn't know about the explicit footage.