Madeline Grant, The Oxford University Student With A 'Great Rack', Faces Disciplinary Panel

30/04/2012 14:27 | Updated 30 April 2012

An Oxford University student who boasted of her "great rack" to try to win a librarian job is to face a disciplinary committee.

Her application was later redacted after the witty line proved highly controversial.

At the time, the National Union of Students Women's Officer Estelle Hart said: "Whilst these comments are obviously ill-advised they are symptomatic of a culture that tells women that their only worth stems from their looks."

Grant haughtily informed the Telegraph on Monday: "I’m wondering if I should leave the Union. The main speakers they have lined up are Geri Halliwell and Nelly Furtado, so I wouldn’t miss much."

When contacted, the Oxford Union said they "didn't know" whether Grant would be appearing at the hearing on Wednesday or not.

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