Jessica Simpson Gives Birth (At Last!) :D

01/05/2012 17:07 | Updated 22 May 2015
UPDATE: It's a baby girl called Maxwell Drew Johnson - congrats!

Jessica Simpson checks into hospital - is this the end of the kaftan parade?PA

Jessica Simpson has reportedly checked in to a Los Angeles hospital - this is presumably to give birth but then we've kind of assumed she's been on the cusp of motherhood for ages so if this is just a really dramatic sore throat then apologies to Jessica.

Celebrity news site TMZ is saying that the singer was joined at the hospital by mum Tina, sister Ashlee, and the parents of her fiance Eric Johnson.

Jessica Simpson checks into hospital - is this the end of the kaftan parade?Jessica still had 4 months to go at this point. Photo: PA
We suggest you stay tuned to our sister site Parentdish for the actual announcement, but we just wanted to take the opportunity to say that we have enjoyed the kaftans, the nudity and the general online consensus that Jessica Simpson was probably the most pregnant person in the known universe. The latter being summed up magnificently by HuffPost commenter, FluffyChicken:

"The sun will one day crash into the earth, and all the remaining bits and bobs sucked into a vast black hole; and somewhere, atop a fragment of burned-out humanity, in a kaftan and platform heels, Jessica Simpson will still be pregnant."

- FluffyChicken, 2012

Congrats Jessica :)


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