As Strictly Come Dancing's Tess Daly Heads To Hollywood, We Check The Progress Of Other British Ladies Stateside (PHOTOS)

The Huffington Post UK  |  By Posted: 2/05/2012 11:54 Updated: 2/05/2012 12:21

Strictly Come Dancing’s Tess Daly is launching herself in Hollywood.

The TV presenter and ex-model flew across the pond hoping to bring her first novel, The Camera Never Lies, to the big screen.

Tess is in LA meeting producers about turning her novel into a film. She hopes this is the start of something big,” a source told The Sun.

She’s not the first Brit chick to ditch Blighty for Hollywood. The big names that instantly spring to mind include Slough-born Tracey Ullman, without whose network television series The Tracey Ullman Show we just might never have had The Simpsons, and Jane Leeves, who played Daphne Moon in Frasier.

Joely Richardson, Lucy Davis and Minnie Driver have also made it big Stateside.

Hopefully, Tess will follow in their footsteps and make it big, but also, that she won't forget to come back in time to host Strictly with Sir Bruce.

Check out our gallery of top Brit gals who do us proud in Hollywood.

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  • Joely Richardson

    Joely has had huge success both in the UK and US. She is famous for roles in <em>101 Dalmations</em> alongside Glenn Close, <em>The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo</em>, <em>Nip/Tuck</em> and <em>The Tudors</em>. Stateside success rating: a confident 9

  • Tracey Ullman

    Slough-born Tracey Ullman, whose network television series <em>The Tracey Ullman Show</em> served as a platform for Matt Groening's <em>The Simpsons</em>. In 2006, Chortle rated her as the wealthiest British comedian. Stateside success rating: a well-deserved 10

  • Jane Leeves played Daphne Moon in<em> Frasier</em> and appeared in two episodes of <em>Desperate Housewives</em>. In 2001 she reportedly signed a three-series deal with Frasier that would bring her a total of $20 million. That's a lot of money, especially for an actress whose acting skills are questionable. Stateside success rating: a surprising 10

  • Lucy Davis

    She first came to our attention as receptionist Dawn Tinsley in BBC hit show <em>The Office</em>. She followed her then husband Owain Yeoman across the pond, to launch joint careers and bank accounts. To her dismay he enjoyed huge success and she, well, didn't. They have since separated, artist differences and that. Stateside success rating: a generous 2

  • Minnie Driver

    British born Minnie Driver is famous for her roles in <em>Good Will Hunting</em>, <em>The Riches</em> and animated hit <em>Tarzan</em>. Everything else has left a lot to be desired, her recent flop <em>Hunky Dory</em> springs to mind. Stateside success rating: an inconsistent 5

  • Ashley Jensen

    Ashley Jensen is perhaps most famous in the UK for her role alongside Ricky Gervais in <em>Extras</em>. The Scottish actress had a regular role in US hit series <em>Ugly Betty</em>, but has since returned to provide the voice over for Channel 4's <em>Embarrassing Bodies</em>. Who knew? Stateside success rating: 4