Football Freestyler To Attempt Keepy-Uppie Record from London To Manchester (VIDEO)

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Football freestyler Dan Magness is taking on a record breaking journey from London to Manchester as part of Keep It Up for Soccer Aid.

Magness will be doing keepy uppies along the whole route and meeting fans, supporters and celebrities along the way.

He’s trying to raise money for UNICEF as part of the Soccer Aid charity match, which will be played at Old Trafford and televised by ITV on 27 May.

Guinness World Records state 186 miles as the minimum distance to set the World Record for the longest distance travelled juggling a football.

Magness had also achieved the Guinness World Record for the longest time juggling a football (26 hours without dropping it) and longest distance travelled juggling a football non stop (30 miles).

Dan Magness
Legs are sore! But will keep going til they dont work any more! Covered 48 miles doing keepy uppy in 2 days for

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