New Mum Lily Allen Is Asked When Her Baby Is Due!

04/05/2012 09:59 | Updated 22 May 2015
New mum Lily Allen gets asked when her baby is due!PA
Lily, we feel your pain.

Five months after the birth of baby Ethel, Lily Allen has revealed her 'massive fail' of being asked when her baby is due!

The singer, who turned 27 today, tweeted that she had only received one present, which, we're happy to add was LEGO (we officially love you, Lily), before going on to say: "And someone just asked me when my baby's due. Massive fail."

The singer has been keeping a low profile since Ethel's arrival, but recently shared this fantastic snap of her out with her little girl with her classic Silver Cross pram.

New mum Lily Allen gets asked when her baby is due!Lily Allen/Twitter/Photobucket

Forget about your tummy, Lils, we think you look FABULOUS.

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