Nicola McLean In Car Accident Following Miscarriage

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Nicola McLean | PA

Fresh from revealing her heartbreak of miscarrying her unborn baby, Nicola McLean has been involved in a car accident.

The former Celebrity Big Brother star told her Twitter followers of the crash earlier today.

"I really am trying to think positive but I have the worst luck!!! Just crashed my car!!! I want to cry," she wrote.

However, the former glamour model escaped harm in the smash.

She added: "I've cried lol and thank you no one was hurt thank god."

Nicola and her husband - footballer Tom Williams - recently told of how they found their unborn child had died during a routine scan.

nicola mclean

In an interview with OK magazine she said: "I went for my first scan - my 12 week scan - at a private clinic in Harley Street a week ago and there was no heartbeat.

"The doctor told me that the baby's heart probably stopped at nine weeks.

"We are absolutely gutted but we've just got to be grateful that we have two healthy boys."

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