Ginger Tabby Loves Watermelon (VIDEO)

14/05/2012 11:12

Watermelons, eh? They taste great, they look awesome and they are immensely satisfying to throw against walls.

They also appear to delight animals of the feline persuasion, with this viral video of a cat nomming down some watery, melony goodness showing the world that kitty cats also want a slice of that sweet seedy goodness.

After watching the video above, however, we began to think about other viral videos that involve watermelons - and soon, we were on a YouTube adventure, collecting together over a dozen watermelon-blessed beauties and creating this extraordinary video gallery we've got for you below.

Will we ever use this video gallery again? Chances are, no, but hell, it was worth it - if only for this video of a toddler eating his way out of a massive watermelon, frankly.

Watermelon Madness
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