Francois Hollande: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The New President Of France

By Posted: Updated: 15/05/2012 17:43

He's the new kid on le bloque - but how much do you know about the 24th French President? Like the rest of us, we're assuming: very little.

So win friends and influence French people with our handy guide to 10 completely untrue amazing facts you never knew about Monsieur Francois Hollande:

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  • Fact No. 1

    He was born Frank Holland in Bromley, Kent.

  • Fact No. 2

    He gained French citizenship after being left behind on a school exchange trip to Rouen.

  • Fact No. 3

    He knows all the words to <em>Joe Le Taxi</em>, and has been known to perform it at karaoke nights.

  • Fact No. 4

    At 4'5", he is the shortest French President since Nicolas Sarkozy.

  • Fact #5

    He is also the first French President since Nicolas Sarkozy.

  • Fact No. 6

    Before politics, he pursued a career in acting - and at one point, was in the running for the Gerard Depardieu role in <em>Green Card</em>.

  • Fact No. 7

    His cites his heroes as Francois Mitterand, Karl Marx and Pepé Le Pew.

  • Fact No. 8

    His favourite flower is the rose.

  • Fact No. 8 contd.

    No, really. He flipping loves them.

  • Fact No. 9

    He remains unmarried to his partner Valerie Trierweiler because an ancient curse means that if he ever ties the knot, he will turn into a frog.

  • Fact No. 10

    He is sometimes referred to as 'the French Ben Elton'.


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