Melanie C Calls Jessie J 'The Best Vocalist This Country Has Ever Produced' - What Is She Up To Herself? (INTERVIEW)

15/05/2012 14:53 BST

Spice Girl Melanie C has hailed The Voice coach Jessie J "one of the best - if not the best - vocalists that this country has ever produced".

Speaking at the launch of Music Is Great Week, Mel tells The Huffington Post UK: "She's got great attitude, I think that she's a great role model for young girls.

"I think we're lacking that in the celebrity culture that we seem to have at the moment. I think she's taken girl power on to a new generation."

She added: "She has a voice to die for, she's great live, and I can't fault the girl."

The praise will come as a boost to Price Tag singer Jessie - a huge Spice Girls fan, who yesterday admitted to having seen the film Spice World six times - after the criticism she's faced over her role on The Voice in recent weeks.

However, asked if she would like to collaborate with Jessie, Mel - who's still recognised by her nineties nickname Sporty Spice, as part of the biggest girl band of all time - declines.

"I have this rule, never sing with someone who's a better singer than you. (What does that say about Bryan Adams?) I'd love to collaborate with her, but she'd sing me out the water," she jokes.

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Mel also reveals it was Jessie's show that has had her vote during the Britain's Got Talent vs. The Voice ratings war, asked which she prefers she said:"I have to say The Voice, I love music. Britain's Got Talent is fun and I've seen bits of it, but I'd say I'm all about The Voice."

It's been almost 18 years since the Spice Girls first began their world domination of the pop industry, selling more than 28m copies of their debut album worldwide, but Sporty still remembers those heady tracksuit days well.

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One of the most iconic moments of pop music history - the Spice Girls' 1997 performance of Who Do You Think You Are? at the Brit Awards - has been included on the Music Is GREAT Britain DVD, a collection of iconic live music moments (put together to raise money for Save The Children), and Melanie remembers it like it was yesterday.

"I remember we were petrified. It was such a big night for us, we were up for quite a few awards and things had really started kicking off. '97 was the year we broke America, we really became a huge international act and that was the beginning of all of that," she explains.

Live music is still what it's all about for Mel, who has just released a new EP called The Night: "It's what drives me and it's the reason I continue to make music, because there's no feeling like being on that stage and being able to deliver your songs to an audience."

Spice Girls fans have been eager to see another reunion from the group, after their sell-out 2007 tour, however, although Mel's still very much into live music, she's ruling out a reunion for the Queen's Jubilee or the Olympics after months of speculation...

Speaking about the Jubilee, she said: "I'm planning to spend it with my family and have a party. So I'm going to be watching on the telly. There's not going to be a Spice Girls reunion I'm afraid, not at the moment."

And as for the Olympics - it's all about the sport for Mel.

"I've got tickets for the gymnastics which I'm really excited about, it's a sport that I've loved since I was a kid. But I'm Sporty Spice, of course I love my sports, track and field, swimming, diving, there's really a sport for everyone so I've been working a little bit with the Olympic association and we're just really trying to get the whole country behind our athletes."

More importantly, can she still do the breathtaking back-flips that were so crucial to her nineties performances?

"I haven't done one for a while, but I'm hoping to visit the gymnastics team. They train up in Shropshire and I'm going to get them to coach me to do a cheeky little back flip."

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