Comedy Crushes: Did Your Funny Heartthrob Make Our List? (PICS)

16/05/2012 16:52 | Updated 16 May 2012

So we asked our Twitter followers. We asked around the Huffington Post UK office. Hell, we even dug deep and asked ourselves.

We asked the most important question you could ask, at least on a Wednesday. Not 'What would Jennifer Aniston do?' - but 'Who is your comedy crush?'

And here, below, were the most popular choices - all wrapped up in one completely gratuitous gallery of comedians and comedy actors who don't just make us laugh, but also make us go a little mushy inside. Y'know - in a lurrrve way.

Did your favourite make the list? Click to find out - and if they didn't, tell us who it is in the comments section below....

Our Biggest Comedy Crushes

All images: Press Association except 19 (Getty) and 36 (Rex Features)

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