Euro Neuro, Have You Done The Monetary Breakdance? (VIDEO)

16/05/2012 11:21 | Updated 16 May 2012

As European politicians struggle to handle the economic crisis, a sharp analysis of the situation has been provided thanks to the Eurovision song contest.

Rambo Amadeus, representing Montenegro, recently revealed the song he was intending to perform was called "Euro Neuro".

The song calls on Europeans to work together, saying Eurosceptics should stop being "hermetic" and "pathetic" and instead try to slash bureaucracy and ensure "contributions" to save "the children".

"Don’t be dogmatic bureaucratic, You need to become pragmatic." Rambo sings.

"Euro Neuro, Euro Neuro, Monetary break dance, Euro Neuro, Euro Neuro, Give me chance to refinance."

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