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The 'Abbey Road Hustle' Is The Only Beatles Gif You'll Ever Need (VIDEO)

Huffington Post UK  |  By Posted: Updated: 16/05/2012 13:17

As British human beings of the alive persuasion, and as human who have ears, we're Beatles fans here in the Huffington Post UK Comedy office, so when we saw this delightful animation, we couldn't not share it with you.

Brought to life by YouTuber 'tazatriste', it's a simple yet effective walking animation of the fab four making their way over Abbey Road's zebra crossing.

Just to be extra helpful, tazatriste has also made a gif of the clip above, which you can check out thisaway, you lucky things.

Anyway, so there's your daily dose of Beatles-based awesomeness for you, and for something else Beatley that should, ideally, bring a smile to you face, here's Ringo Starr "warning you, with peace and love...."

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