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Yellow Lamborghini Crashes In An Epic Fashion, Creates Car Sandwich (VIDEO)

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Ever seen a car sandwich? Ever seen a car sandwich with a Lamborghini filling? Well, now's your chance, you lucky thing.

The scene took place at a crossroads in a Chicago suburb, where YouTuber 'DrCinadr' was recording a really rather flashy Lamborghini Gallardo in front of him with his mobile phone.

Then, showing off to the world at large, the driver inside said Lamborghini attempts a slick turn, and instead loses control as he makes a left, spinning off onto the other side of the road and inbetween two other, less expensive cars.

In other words, prepare to witness $225,000 (£141,000) worth of car suddenly become liable for a whole heap of insurance payouts.

And for more extraordinary footage shot from a car dashboard, check out our dashcam video gallery - but be warned, there's a whole lot of crashing going on over here. Seriously, piles of the stuff.

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