Simon Cowell: 'The Voice Should Be On The Radio'

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Simon Cowell has sunk his claws into The Voice again, branding the contest a "rip-off" of The X Factor.

Britain's Got Talent may have wrapped up, but Cowell is still slating his rival series after a drawn-out ratings battle and in his latest rant, the music mogul hasn't held back - calling the Jessie J-fronted talent series a "bad copy" of The X Factor.

He told Radio Four: "That show puzzles me because it starts off by saying, 'Right, it's all about the voice.' So my first thought is why is this not on radio? What's the point of looking at them?

"(It's) the same as X Factor, they've got dancers behind them, they've got graphics, lights. Same show."

He added: "I see a lot of shows trying to rip us off and you can't do that. If you try and rip somebody off it always looks like a bad copy."

Simon also admitted he was thrilled when BGT triumphed over The Voice in the viewing figures war.

He said: "When The Voice came along it was like, 'Roll your sleeves up. We're in for a bit of a punch-up.' I'm smiling now."

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