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Did you miss out on tickets for the Olympics like most of us? Come 26 June, you'll have a more intimate, and some might say better, way of enjoying London 2012 when Sega's official London 2012 game is released.

The new omni-sports game will be out on Windows PC, Xbox 360 and the PlayStation3 and will pack 45 event games to play.

There's single and multiplayer competition and if you're on Kinect, there's the somewhat sporting Kinect option for 12 games, to keep you moving about as you take out gold.

Even the superbly unfit can race track and field, take on the world's best at swimming, flip and twist like gymnastic geniuses and feel the lactic acid burn of the keirin at the velodrome.

The new game will make the most of Kinect, using modes called Olympic Games, Events Mode, Online Mode and Party Play.

As is the nationalistic way of the Olympics Games, you can maximise your national price by tracking your wins according to your country of choice.

If you love clunky cliched commentary as much as you love the thrill of thrashing your opponents, London 2012 give you that too. Throughout your every success, or superb failure, you get reactive commentary, super-realistic graphics and "TV style presentation".

What do you make of Sega's London 2012? Will you play it?

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London 2012 - Sega's Official Olympics Video Game
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