Mark Zuckerberg 'Spending Entire Honeymoon Checking Facebook'

The Huffington Post UK  |  By Posted: Updated: 23/05/2012 13:48

The honeymoon of billionaire newlyweds Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan is being marred by Zuckerberg spending every waking hour on Facebook.

"I want to go sightseeing, or even just lay by the pool," the new Mrs Zuckerberg told friends. "But I can't get Mark off his Blackberry for even one second. It's like he's addicted to Facebook or something."

"He says he's got a few business worries at the moment, so I totally understand that he needs to be on his phone a lot," she continued. "I just wish he could stop checking what his friends are up to."

Spies also say that Zuckerberg has been behaving oddly while on honeymoon. Onlookers have reported seeing him poke people in the street - and at one point even throw a sheep at someone.

When asked to explain Zuckerberg's behaviour, a spokesperson said: "It's complicated."

Correction: We have since learned that the Zuckerbergs aren't on honeymoon.

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