It's likely some of us will have strung up the bunting and picked up a few Union Jack flags over the last few days.

But for some people, Royal fever exists beyond bank holidays.

At Home With The Queen, currently on show at The Museum of London, displays Londoners at home with their favourite objects which sport a photo of Her Maj.

From East End girls to models who grew up around punk on the Kings Road, the exhibition highlights London's variety of people and places - all of whom are big fans of the Royals.

The photographs are just one part of the Museum's Jubilee celebrations, which you can find out more about here.

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  • Jonathan, Norma and Nadine

    'The Queen is the same age as my great-grandmother, and the Queen was crowned the year my grandmother Norma was born. Both my great-grandmother and grandmother were born in Jamaica before independence; my grandmother remembers singing the national anthem in school when she was my age.' Jonathan Giclée print, John Chase, 2012 IMAGE: (c) Museum of London

  • Paul Metcalfe

    'The crown is a reminder of when I used to live on Buckingham Palace Road, opposite the Palace Gift Shop - I bought the 'crown' to add a little bit of next door's sparkle to my much humbler surroundings. Since I moved house, it has crowned a faux deer wall mount, been to Hong Kong and latterly topped my Christmas tree. Teacup - this was a gift from my partner to facilitate my taking afternoon tea with the Queen. It's almost as good as the real thing.' Paul Metcalfe Giclée print, Richard Stroud, 2012 IMAGE: (c) Museum of London

  • Isabel

    'Four year-old Isabel lives with her Mummy, Daddy and little brother George who is two. She absolutely loves playing with the HappyLand Royal Wedding set bought just after we watched Prince William marrying Kate Middleton on TV last year. She enjoys putting the Queen and Prince Philip in and out of the carriage, clip-clopping the member of the Household Cavalry beside it, running around with the corgi and making Prince William and Kate get married all over again. Her brother George particularly likes the horse and carriage but isn't too bothered about the Queen!' Faith, Isabel's mum Giclée print, Torla Evans, 2012 IMAGE: (c) Museum of London

  • Mr and Mrs Leaper

    'The painting has a whole wall to itself on the staircase in my parents' home in Harrow. They have owned it for over 30 years and prior to that it belonged to our next door neighbour, Mrs Beaumont, who lived till she was over 100. It had the same spot in her identical house and it was always admired by my parents, so when she came to move into a home she gave it to them. My father does a reverential bow to the Queen every morning as he passes on the stairs. My mum stops and has a word with her when she goes up and down. The painting is a central and important part of the family home.' Ruth Leaper, Sylvia's and Alan's daughter Giclée print, John Chase, 2012 IMAGE: (c) Museum of London

  • Miles Landesman

    'This is a photo of myself, Miles Landesman, with a painting that my late parents, Jay and Fran Landesman, bought from the artist Graham Dean in the 1970s. My parents owned a number of other paintings by Graham which he gave to them in lieu of rent when he stayed at our house in Islington in the 1980s. This painting hung above my father's bed. Although he was American he adored the Royal Family, especially the Queen. My brother and I inherited it when my parents died last year.' Miles Landesman Giclée print, Torla Evans, 2012 IMAGE: (c) Museum of London

  • Mak Gilchrist

    'In 1977 I was 12 and growing up just off the King's Road in Chelsea, and dabbling in food-colouring my hair green. To me, the Silver Jubilee was all about the punk movement. In my mind being a punk is as thoroughly British as the Queen is. I bought this limited edition print in the late 90s from Jamie Reid, the artist who created the original iconic single cover image for the Sex Pistols. I am immensely proud of it. It is a collector's piece. ROCK ON QUEENIE!' Mak Gilchrist Giclée print, Richard Stroud, 2012 IMAGE: (c) Museum of London

  • Sylvia Pollard

    'In this photograph are some of the Maundy coins presented to me in 2011 at Westminster Abbey in acknowledgment of many years as a volunteer in the Abbey Museum. In addition to the Maundy coins marking the Queen's 85 years is a £5 coin commemorating Prince Philip's 90th birthday, also of course bearing the Queen's head. A particularly proud memory is that because Her Majesty's birthday coincided with the Maundy ceremony I was able to congratulate her personally.' Sylvia Pollard Giclée print, Torla Evans, 2012 IMAGE: (c) Museum of London

  • John Loughery

    'I really love my royal memorabilia. They remind me of my connection to the Royal Family and my pride in being British. They make me feel connected to important events in the Royal Family's history and in British history. Some of them are limited edition souvenirs. Queen Elizabeth II is the head of the Royal Family and she is the Queen I know.' John Loughery Giclée print, John Chase, 2012 IMAGE: (c) Museum of London

  • Ben Walsh and John Wells

    'The Queen was hand-knitted by Ben's mum along with other members of the Royal Family to commemorate the Royal Wedding in April 2011. It's so special to me because of all the love and hard work she put into creating it. Thanks Barbara!' John Wells 'The Silver Jubilee photo album has the last pictures of my beloved Gran before she died in 1978. I have treasured it all these years for all the happy memories it holds.' Ben Walsh Giclée print, John Chase, 2012 IMAGE: (c) Museum of London

  • Brenda Wilshere

    'Born 1946 in Leyton, I played on bombsites as a child, lived in a maisonette with no bathroom (ducked into a tin one by the fire, or hopped on a bus to the local baths), wore homemade clothes, had very few treats BUT bucket loads of love from my parents. So these items, preciously purchased by them, are priceless to me: a biscuit tin, in good condition, and now used to store my memorable black and white photos, plus the pristine plate which has been displayed in our family china cabinet all its life. Still a London 'gal' today, with happy memories of the Queen's Coronation.' Brenda Wilshere Giclée print, Richard Stroud, 2012 IMAGE: (c) Museum of London

  • Tim Elson

    The photograph Tim is holding in this picture shows him meeting the Queen when she visited an exhibition he took part in at the Tower of London to celebrate the reopening of Tower Hill in 2004. He took part in the exhibition through the Tower Project which he attends. Tim was chosen with another member of the Tower Project to meet the Queen. He loves the Royal Family and royal pageantry and parades, and is looking forward to attending the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Singalong Concert at the Royal Albert Hall with his dad. Giclée print, Torla Evans, 2012 IMAGE: (c) Museum of London