Two-Year-Old Toddlers Squabble During Ballet Recital (VIDEO)

28/05/2012 11:58 | Updated 28 May 2012

When you're just a couple of years old, your understanding of how society works is... limited, shall we say. Most grown-ups, for example, wouldn't get into a scrap on stage whilst wearing tutus, now would they?

But these two prima ballerinas did just that inbetween their pliés and possés - all to the tune of a really rather sweet cover of Over The Rainbow.

And yes, as some wry wag on YouTube has already pointed out, the father behind the lens isn't two years old himself - despite what his camera-holding skills may lead you to believe. This may be just a cute YouTube video, but commenters won't accept anything but the very best, ExGaming28...

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