There's an understandable temptation to refer to a cockatoo who dances along to AC/DC's You Shook Me All Night Long as a 'rockatoo' - but for the sake of your sanity, we are not going to do so. OK, once. Just then. No more, we promise.

This particular Umbrella Cockatoo - also known more simply as a 'White Cockatoo' - goes by the name of Tonto, and he likes to rock... really rather a lot, in fact.

Of course, he's not the only animal to dance along to a good tune every now and again - as our 'Best Animals Dancing Videos' gallery we've got for you below proves without a doubt...

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  • Night At The Aviary

    Doug and Steve Butabi in bird form.

  • Techno Dog


  • Gorilla B-boy

    Mad skills.

  • Dancing Panda Grinds To "Bed Intruder Song"

    The only thing that could have made this dancing (scratching?) Panda any more adorable was the addition of a Gregory Brothers jam.

  • Fugees Bird

    Lauryn Hill would be proud.

  • Happy Feet


  • Snowball Loves The Backstreet Boys

    Watch this cockatoo impress with the help of a little BSB.

  • Bear Caught On Tape Grinding With A Tree

    So this is what bears do in the middle of the woods when no one's around, huh?

  • Dancing Parrot

    This parrot knows how to swoon.

  • Amazing Merengue-Dancing Dog!

    This dog can do the Merengue better than most humans can walk!

  • Rookie & Carolyn Scott

    Before the Merengue dancing dog, there was Rookie & Carolyn.

  • Beak Banging

    A very metal cockatoo.

  • Dancing Lizard

    Breakin' it down right in the middle of the road.