Oh dear. Perhaps we should be more careful what we wish for.

Only a few days ago we were running around like toddlers at Christmas raving about Twitter's latest literary hashtag, #LessInspiringBooks.

'Give us more erudite trending games about books!' we implored the Twitter gods.

Well, they've answered - and you'd best get ready to cringe.

#FightingWriters is not, as we first thought, a round up of literary bruisers but a punning game. Hence 'J K Brawling' and 'J R You Tolkien To Me?'.

The game began with relative corkers like these before going rapidly downhill from there...

Brace yourself - here's a round up of our favs:

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  • sir sillius sodus

  • Dale Shaw

  • Jennifer Cline

  • Adam Twatson

  • Curious Orange

  • Penny Ewles-Bergeron

  • Jennifer Cline

  • Vivian Oldaker

  • John Roycroft

  • Jeremy Woodcock

  • Vintage Fee

  • Adrian David

  • Tim Crawford

  • Cosy Fan Tootie

  • Jesse Hawken

  • Zardoz the Destroyer

  • Dale Shaw

  • ducksandchucks

  • Adam Twatson

  • Jheiicodale Leighton

  • Remittance Girl