Picture Of The Day: Highline Walker Has A Nap Halfway Across A Canyon

07/06/2012 14:30 | Updated 08 June 2012

high wire walker caters

Brian Mosbaugh
isn't like most men. For starters, he's a top notch high wire walker, and for seconds, he's more than happy to 'take a nap' 2,000ft above the ground.

Snapped by his professional photographer friend Tyler Roemer as he 'rested' precariously between over a canyon in Yosemite National Park, Mosbaugh is a thrill-seeking inspiration to us all.

“He has many years of experience of highlining under his belt," explains Roemer. "Brian eat breathes and sleeps the sport of highlining - quite literally."

Touché, Mr. Roemer, touché.

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