Apple: Next-Generation Macbook Pro Unveiled At WWDC 2012 (LIVEBLOG)

11/06/2012 18:31 | Updated 11 June 2012

Apple has unveiled its next-generation of laptops at the Worldwide Developers' Conference (WWDC) 2012 in San Francisco.

The new MacBook Pro has a 'Retina' display, featuring a screen with four times as many pixels as the previous generation.

Applications will need to be re-written to get the most out of the new display, Apple said - adding it had already updated its own OS and had worked with some developers to get their Apps ready.

The laptop is the thinnest pro laptop Apple has ever made, at just 0.71 inches.

"A true breakthrough in engineering," said Apple's Phil Schiller.

It comes with a quad-core i5 or i7 processor, with seven hours of battery life and up to 768gb of flash storage.

The new MacBook has an HDMI output, for the first time on a Mac laptop, and two Thunderbolt ports.

apple laptop

Apple also updated its MacBook Air and MacBook pro lines with new processors and USB 3.0 ports.

The new Retina Display laptops will start for UK customers at £1,799. The 2.6GHz 512Gb will cost £2,299. The updated MacBooks will cost £849 for the base level Air, £999 for the 13in Pro i5 and £1,499 for the 15in Pro.

Apple CEO Tim Cook showcased the new release at the Moscone Center during his annual keynote at the event.

Take a look below for all the big developments from the show.

11/06/2012 19:51 BST

IOS 6: Only iPhone 3GS and iPad 2+ Supported

iPhones older than the 3GS and the iPad 2 will not support iOS 6.

11/06/2012 19:48 BST

iOS 6: Other Updates

Other updates include better privacy controls, new features for Game Centre, a redesigned App Store, signatures for different mail accounts.

In all there are around 200 new features.

11/06/2012 19:41 BST

iOS 6: Maps

Apple has announced an all-new mapping solution.

The global maps will remove Google's mapping service from its devices.

The maps are integrated with Yelp for Local Search, have a traffic service, and have notifications for incidents. Anonymous notifications help create a crowd-sourced map of traffic.

Turn-by-turn navigation will also be integrated. The GPS turn-by-turn solution looks very nice. It will also work when your phone is locked, will update when it finds traffic, and will integrate with Siri.

Plus kids can ask "are we nearly there yet" - and Siri will respond.

The Maps app will also include 3D overhead models of major cities called 'Flyover'. The app looks very visually impressive, with live rendering of cities and landscapes.

11/06/2012 19:39 BST

iOS 6: Guided Access

A new feature for iOS called 'Guided Access" wil help children with autism to use iPads by isolating certain controls, locking an App so that the home button doesn't work. Nice.

11/06/2012 19:33 BST

@ michaelrundle :

Photo upload in Mobile Safari means HuffPost eds can finally work on an iPad. Amazing.

11/06/2012 19:32 BST

@ mikejjennings :

Facetime over 3G? 1fps.

11/06/2012 19:31 BST

iOS 6: Safari, Photo Stream, Mail, Passbook

With Safari, Apple's mobile browser (which is used for 2/3 of all mobile traffic) will have offline reading lists, and can upload images to your website from the browser (handy for HuffPost editors on the move).

Photo Stream, which is Apple's way to share photos between your devices over iCloud, can now be shared between different people.

Mail: a new way to upload images directly into emails is among the updates to mail.

A new app called "Passbook" is a way to collect boarding passes, store cards and mobile tickets into one place. "We've created templates to make this easy for devs."

11/06/2012 19:27 BST

iOS 6: Phone Updates, Do Not Disturb, Facetime

When you receive a call in iOS 6, you can choose to reply with a message or be reminded in an hour - or when you leave your current location.

Another new mode - Do Not Disturb - means you won't be annoyed by texts and updates during the middle of the night. You can also choose to receive certain phone numbers. If someone is really trying to get hold of you and calls back within three minutes, the phone will take the call.

Facetime now works over cellular data. You can answer phone calls on your Mac or your iPad.

11/06/2012 19:23 BST

iOS 6: Facebook Integration

Apple has announced new, much closer integration with Facebook into its mobile OS.

The features include image sharing, video sharing, Siri integration and a public API so other Apps can work with the social network.

Facebook is also built into the App Store and music store - so you can recommend and see recommendations.

11/06/2012 19:10 BST

Apple Announces iOS 6: Siri Updates

First some stats.

Scott Forstall, head of iOS, says that 365m iOS devices have been sold and that the majority are running the latest version - many more than those running the latest version of Android (only 7%).

Apple has sent 1.5tn push notifications since iOS was launched - that's 7bn a day.

It's also sending more than 1bn iMessages a day. There are alo 130m GameCenter accounts and 67/100 of the top games use it.

iOS 6 has more than 200 new features.


  • App Launching: Siri can now launch apps. If you ask 'play "Temple Run" and it will launch it.
  • Sports updates - you can ask Siri how various games have gone and how players are performing. Includes the English Premier League.
  • Restaurants. Siri also knows more about restaurants and their ranking, menus and locations.
  • Movies. Siri can tell you what movies are playing where.
  • Eyes Free. Apple is working with car manufacturers to bring up Siri with a button press. Includes several big car makers - BMW, GM, Jaguar, Audi.
  • Languages: new Siri versions for China, Spain, Italy, Canada and several other countries.
  • Local search: now you can search local areas in the UK, previously not available.
  • iPad: Siri now available on the iPad.

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