Nick Clegg Admits He Left His Principles Behind In A Pub In 2010

12/06/2012 09:12
  • Andrea Mann Writer of sentences like this one. Also, occasionally, longer ones. But not this time.

The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has admitted that he once left his principles behind in a pub.

Having become a Liberal Democrat MEP in 1999, Clegg's principles were only 11 years old at the time of the incident, which took place in May 2010.

"One day, he was a centrist liberal - the next, he had simply left his principles behind," said one party insider. "As far as I know, he didn't go back to collect them."

While Clegg's admission has prompted some derision, others have been lining up to offer their sympathy for what they're calling "a very human error".

"It's a very common thing to do. I don't think we should be too hard on him," said former Labour, and now Tory, supporter Michael Caine.

While admitting that privately, Clegg was "a little bit upset" at the time - mainly because the move "made him unpopular" - his spokesman said: "People forget their principles all the time - especially in politics. The Deputy Prime Minister has entirely recovered from the incident."

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