Cheryl Cole Is All Smiles As She Leaves The Crazy Horse Cabaret In Paris (PHOTOS)

14/06/2012 11:15

No wonder Cheryl Cole is smiling. Not only is she guaranteed a No.1 single this weekend but she's just been to watch the saucy Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris.

cheryl cole

Cheryl - dressed in a stunning orange frock and vertiginous lime wedge heels for her night out - has scored the fastest selling single of the year so far with her latest hit Call My Name.

cheryl cole

Cheryl even managed to navigate a slippery floor in her towering shoes. What a pro!

She's currently on the promo trail in the French capital but has managed to squeeze in some sightseeing during her stay.

Yesterday she took a trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower (let's forget that onesie ever happened) and followed that up with a visit to the famous Crazy Horse nightclub - famed for its stage show of gorgeous ladies wearing little more than g-strings and nipple tassles.

What a minx!


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