The Dalek 'Goodfellas' Sees Joe Pesci Replaced By A Robotic Bin (VIDEO)

18/06/2012 09:50

Henry Hill, the man whose life inspired Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas died last week at the age of 69 - and tributes to the great (and ethically questionable) mobster have flooded the internet.

But one that you might have missed had an altogether British flavour. Or, rather, an altogether... extraterrestrial one.

It's all thanks to Pixeltwister and the team over at Eager Beaver Films, who've taken Doctor Who's biggest, baddest, squeakiest enemies - that's the Daleks, by the way - and had them 'reenact' the famous 'Funny how?' scene from Goodfellas.

The resulting video is a must-watch for both fans of the film and regular viewers of the kids' time travelling TV show, and luckily for everyone on this webpage, we've got it for you in the pane above.

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