Rolling hills and idyllic countryside, doesn't it sometimes all get rather twee? Art dealers Coates and Scarry seem to think so, which is why they've curated Unnatural - Natural History, an exhibition which pushes the boundaries of nature.

The show creates a world in which humans are no longer dominant, genetic mutations prevail and the environment turns bad. Distorted fairytale scenes and blinged up taxidermy mingle with huge feather sculptures and humans with animal heads.

So do you think this would be a fun place to throw a wild rumpus? Will you be donning a sheep skull and joining in, or running for the hills? Check out our gallery below to decide.

Unnatural - Natural History is on at Royal West of England Academy (RWA) until 23 September.

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  • Relics by Chantal Powell


  • Bitten Too Much Off Apple by Lius Sanchez

  • Black and White Cow by Geza Szollosi (courtesy of Mauger Modern)

  • Corvid by Kate MccGwire IMAGE: Tessa Angus courtesy of All Visual Arts

  • Untitled by Heiko Muller

  • Relics by Chantal Powell

  • The Wards in Jarndyce

  • Love Song by Troy Abbott (Courtesy Robert Fontaine Gallery)

  • Nicole Eitienne 'Darwins Tea Party'

  • Cornucopia by Angela Singer

  • Estrella by Jessica Joslin

  • The Chaos Of Memory 10 by Nick Bright