Jeff Brazier: 'Jade's Mum Makes Me Feel Like A Mean Parent'

27/06/2012 11:23 | Updated 27 June 2012

Jade Goody's ex partner, Jeff Brazier, has revealed he feels like a 'mean parent' after confiscating unsuitable gifts given to his sons by their grandmother, Jackiey Budden.

TV presenter Jeff has two sons, Bobby, 8, and Freddie, 7, with the late reality star but has said he's had to put his foot down after Jade's mum Jackiey bought them a hamster and mobile phones without telling him.

jeff brazier

"Well, recently I have been re-introduced to the feeling of 'them and us' by Jade's mum's little oversight.

"Late nights and excessive amounts of sugar are a grandparents prerogative and were the least of my concerns. I got a phone call from an excitable Freddy telling me he was now the proud owner of a hamster! Great, I feel I have more responsibility than I really know what to do with as it is, let alone introducing a pet into the equation."

And Jeff reveals the hamster wasn't the first time Jackiey had treated Bobby and Freddie to a gift without telling him.

"I understand she wants direct contact but they are just too young to be carrying these things around responsibly so we keep them to the house."


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