Michel Platini Suggests Euro 2020 Could Be Held In '24 Or 32 Cities' (POLL)

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Uefa president Michel Platini has suggested Euro 2020 could be hosted in "24 or 32 cities" across Europe.

Speaking at his closing press conference on the penultimate day of Euro 2012, the Frenchman is also pressing ahead with plans to increase the European Championship from 16 to 24 teams at Euro 2016.

"We could have 24 good teams in Europe. We can find the eight... like Norway, Serbia, Belgium and Scotland," he said.

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Both plans have drawn anger from supporters and members of the game on Twitter, as the former France international continues to anger fans of football.

Platini initially said "12 or 13 cities" could feature at Euro 2020, before upping the tally to a staggering 24 or 32.

Already he has been accused of "making it up as he goes along" by journalists in attendance, and even referred to 2002 World Cup hosts South Korea as "North Korea".

When drawing on the many good experiences he's had in Poland and Ukraine, Platini said: "I've drunk a lot of vodka". Some would say he still appears to be on it.

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Is Michel Platini bad for football?


Geoff Shreeves
"@sistoney67: Platini: "100 percent of tickets sold. 98 percent attendance."" Bull. Loads of gaps in ordinary seats.

Sam Wallace
PAGING the men in white coats. Michel is ready for you now. Press conference over

Tony Evans
Platini: hypocrite, buffon, destroyer of the game

Ian Ladyman
Platini has today confirmed what we all knew. Out of touch, delusional with hints of megalomania. No wonder Sepp Blatter likes him so much

Sam Wallace
Platini: 'It's easier to go from London to Paris than Cardiff to Gdansk'. Er, and your point is?

Sam Wallace
Euro 2020, potentially 51 games in 13 countries. I just asked Platini if he's making this up as he goes along. Got a bit huffy. Said 'Non'

Steven Wyeth
What Platini's saying would be funny, if it wasn't so concerning. He even had Scotland among a list of 8 strong teams for an expanded Euros


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