Hands up if you think Justin Bieber doesn't quite pull off the hardened gangsta rapper look. Just as we thought, it's unanimous.

The 18-year-old channeled the Tupac look as he arrived in Narita International Airport, Tokyo.


Spot the difference

We're worried that the star is coming down with a touch of Bieber fever, seems he was delirious when getting ready that morning.

First he reached for a black and white bandana, and it all went down hill from there.

justin bieber

Don't even get us started on the gestures

Bieber went all out wearing a denim waistcoat with matching red Converse shoes and backpack.

The Baby singer was greeted by hoards of screaming girls, as per. Maybe they were screaming, "TAKE THAT STUPID BANDANA OFF YOUR HEAD YOU PLONKER, YOU LOOK RIDICULOUS!", although it's doubtful.

justin bieber

Bieber was met by hoards of screaming girls, again

Selena Gomez was also present, but had decided to dress normally.

selena gomez

Justin's girlfriend, Selena Gomez

Despite recent speculation that their relationship is on the rocks, the pair are putting up a united front.

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  • Justin Bieber

    The Biebster is the current crown prince of pop - and it's a very brave person who says anything against the precocious pop moppet, because his army of "Beliebers" are swift to exact their vengeance.But that's exactly what that nice Scottt Mills from Radio 1 did after an unpleasant interview with an unfriendly Biebs.He said: "Someone needs to have a word with him. He's a precocious little brat."We're Team Scott all the way on this one! (Pic: PA)

  • Britney Spears

    And we could file Britters in exactly the same drawer as Li-Lo, although hopefully she's a little further along the road to recovery after her shocking meltdown in 2008.When we look back at early shots of Britney, like this one, it's brings home how precocious - in a slightly seedy and exploitative way - she was when she launched her pop career.She said she was "not that innocent" in her song and, despite what she said in interviews to the contrary, we all believed her. (Pic: PA)

  • Charlotte Church

    OK, she might be a fully-grown woman now, but we remember when Charlotte Church was a fresh-faced, and rather precocious, young singing star.Not in a bad way of course. In fact we interviewed her when she was 12 and she was a delightful young lady.She was smarter, funnier and more engaging than most adult celebs we've met - so we'll always be on Team Charlotte. (Pic: PA)

  • Jayden Smith

    Precocious doesn't always have to mean bad though - as the perfectly pleasant young Jaden Smith proves.The star of the Karate Kid remake may have had a little help getting the job from his famous dad, but he's undeniably talented and not at all a brat. (Pic: PA)

  • Jedward

    Same hair, different celebs! But at least Jedward have better dress sense than Ke$ha. Arf arf.We're not sure that the terrible twosome fit the usual meaning of precocious - since it's usually applied to people with a certain amount of talent.One thing we do know is that we won't get sued if we say they're definitely brats.Just kidding lads, we love you really. (Pic: PA)

  • The Jonas Brothers

    They've not really made much of a splash over here yet, but the Jonas Brothers have been massive in the states for a few years now.The group started as a vehicle for Nick Jonas, who's been performing since the age of seven when he appeared in a Broadway play.They got their first real break as a band by appearing alongside the equally precocious Miley Cyrus in Disney's Hannah Montana - and later had a starring role in the same channel's Camp Rock.They're now as big as Jesus in the states - although they wouldn't dare say that. (Pic: PA)

  • Ke$ha

    And precocious doesn't always have to mean young either, as far as we're concerned. And we think Ke$ha proves our point nicely.The attention-seeking pop star might be 23 years old, but she's made a career out of acting like a spoilt teenager.We could go on... but just look at the photo and we think you'll get the picture. (Pic: PA)

  • Lindsay Lohan

    Li-Lo might be making headlines for all the wrong reasons now that she's in her twenties, but rewind a decade or so and people were only talking about how talented she was.She hit the big time by starring in a series of family movies, culminating in an amazing turn in the classic teen comedy Mean Girls.Unfortunately it's only been downhill since - and that's the unhappy flipside for many precocious young child stars. (Pic: PA)

  • Miley Cyrus

    Speak of the devil. Here's the artist formerly known as Hannah Montana herself!Miley Cyrus has left her clean-cut Disney persona far, far behind her now though - and seems to have taken over from Pete Doherty as the most controversial star in celebland.Well, she was filmed sucking on a bong at her 18th birthday party anyway.Miley has also hit the headlines several times for wearing skimpy clothes (such as this side boob-revealing outfit), dirty dancing with older men and generally being rather precocious. (Pic: PA)

  • Taylor Momsen

    We regard Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen as the American version of Kevin the Teenager.But that's doing her a dis-service, because she could also be described as Courtney Love's mini-me.Whatever has caused the wannabe rock chick to cop such an attitude, we hope she gets it out her system soon because it's getting a bit tiresome now. (Pic: PA)

  • Peaches Geldof

    She's in her early 20s already, but to us there'll always be something of the precocious teenager about Peaches Geldof.With a failed marriage behind her already and a series of sex, drugs and daft comments scandals to her name she's always good value from a celeb journo's point of view.And her recent habit of posting pretentious comments about French philosophers on Twitter ups the precocious count nicely. (Pic: PA)

  • Suri Cruise

    Now don't get us wrong, we're not having a go at four-year-old Suri Cruise - that would hardly be very fair - but you must admit it's a teeny tiny bit precocious to be wearing heels at that age.Rumours from the sets of her parents' films are that she can be a bit of a handful as well, and seems to be used to getting her own way.We will reserve judgement until we meet the young lady ourselves though. (Pic: PA)

  • Willow Smith

    Hair-whipping cutie Willow Smith is definitely giving big bro Jaden a run for his money in the precocious stakes.She's lined-up to play little orphan Annie in a remake of the, erm, classic musical - again produced by dad Will Smith.Still don't think she's precocious? Check out this quote: "I get my flow from Daddy, my singing ability from Mommy, and the camera stuff from both."Case closed. (Pic: PA)

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