Wimbledon's Centre Court: The Worst Sporting Crowd In The World? (POLL)

07/09/2012 09:30 am 09:30:23

Andy Murray's defeat to Roger Federer in the men's Wimbledon singles final on Sunday prompted tears from the Scot after his fourth Grand Slam defeat. But if viewers sympathised with the 25-year-old, sympathy was in short shrift for his followers inside Centre Court.

Wimbledon's most iconic arena is regarded, rightly or wrongly, as one of sport's most deplorable crowds. "Come on Tim" or "Come on Rafa" are two regular unfunny announcements during a match, but Sunday prompted the worst one yet: "Come on Mr Cameron".

That the Prime Minister, in attendance with other famous faces exploiting their position for a freebie, could be chummily referenced at a sporting event is an almighty low even for the middle-class hordes at SW19.

And so it begs the question: what is the worst sporting crowd?

"Get in the hole!"

RUGBY FANS Accused of being sanctimonious preachers who claim moral superiority over any aspect of football, it's no wonder when you sit amongst the silent-or-cheesy atmosphere. rugby

Where the Pukka Pies Band stab at the atmosphere like Mrs Bates does at Marion Crane.

OLD TRAFFORD So bad the idea of a singing section is being proposed. What used to be a ground louder than a jumbo jet taking off is now largely a beehive of jester hat-wearing bandwagon-jumpers and nu-fans who fail to see the irony of wearing a Nike replica with a green and gold scarf draped around their neck. united Oblivious

ASCOT "Look at me!" ascot

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