The top ten films every child should watch before they turn nine 1/2 have been revealed.

In research carried out for LoveFilm, child psychologist Dr Kairen Cullen asked over 5,000 grown-ups what their favourite kids’ classics were before creating a definitive list of films children should watch to learn essential life-lessons.

Favourites spanned 70 years, from The Wizard of Oz right through to modern day animation Up.

Despite decades separating many of the top ten, Dr Cullen identified vital common themes which are key to enhancing young minds, making them ideal viewing for children during their formative years.

Check out the results and the reasons in our slideshow below...

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  • 10. Up

    Up floated into tenth place (three per cent). Through the relationship between Carl and Charles, the animated film shows the positive aspects of old age and demonstrates the possibilities for inter-generational friendship.

  • 9. Matilda

    Bright spark Matilda took the penultimate spot in the list with four per cent. Matilda's troublesome home life and school environment highlight the importance of education, whilst film fans young and old are also reminded of the value of listening to children and their views.

  • 8. The Neverending Story

    In eighth place was The Neverending Story (five per cent). The fantasy film addresses a wide variety of complex emotional issues including bullying, mental health, bereavement and above all, the importance of love.

  • 7. The Wizard Of Oz

    The Wizard of Oz clicked its heels to arrive in seventh place with six per cent of the vote. Despite being the oldest film in the list, the central characters still serve as a stark reminder that no one is perfect, whilst the importance of hope and faith is key to the group's journey to the Emerald City.

  • 6. Mary Poppins

    Mary Poppins flew into sixth place in the list with seven per cent of the vote. The original 'super Nanny', Mary Poppins epitomises the importance of structure and discipline. Her creative rewards encourage children to respect and understand rules and boundaries in everyday life, whilst also enhancing their capacity for imagination.

  • 5. The Jungle Book

    The Jungle Book bounded into fifth place with eight per cent of the vote. Using music and humour to great effect, the Disney classic emphasises the importance of friendship.

  • 4. Labyrinth

    In fourth place was Labyrinth, with nine per cent of the vote. The film's heroine, Sarah, is a strong and active role model for young children, particularly girls. Through the movie's fantasy setting, Sarah explores the difficult process of growing up by facing up to her fears and using the power of her mind.

  • 3. Home Alone

    Home Alone scooped third place with 10 per cent of the vote. Whilst the film's overarching message teaches children about the importance of family, Kevin's wily booby traps also demonstrate bravery and creative problem solving.

  • 2. The Lion King

    Meanwhile, The Lion King entertains with its colourful characters and unforgettable songs, but also teaches children about self belief and the benefit of enduring and facing up to challenges.

  • 1. Toy Story

    According to Dr Kairen, Toy Story encourages children to learn more than just a few well known catchphrases and is a sound choice for parents looking to entertain and educate their offspring. The conflict between Buzz and Woody is reminiscent of sibling rivalry and teaches young viewers that although all individuals are different, everyone has intrinsic worth and should be valued and respected.