Brilliant! We think we may just have stumbled across a leading contender for the next series of The X Factor. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you... ET the singing walrus from Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in the US.

ET took the opportunity to show off his amazing vocal range during his recent birthday celebrations - and to our minds, he displayed just the kind of raw talent Simon Cowell and the gang are looking to harvest on the TV talent show.

He's even got that all-important weepy back-story. ET was found as a pup, starved and orphaned, by oil workers off the coast of Alaska in 1982. He's since been thriving at the zoo, though - and has proved a firm favourite with visitors and his two female walrus companions alike. Hurrah!

Right, that's enough singing animals for the time being. Let's turn our minds to more important things and have a look at some dancing pets instead...

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  • Night At The Aviary

    Doug and Steve Butabi in bird form.

  • Techno Dog


  • Gorilla B-boy

    Mad skills.

  • Dancing Panda Grinds To "Bed Intruder Song"

    The only thing that could have made this dancing (scratching?) Panda any more adorable was the addition of a Gregory Brothers jam.

  • Fugees Bird

    Lauryn Hill would be proud.

  • Happy Feet


  • Snowball Loves The Backstreet Boys

    Watch this cockatoo impress with the help of a little BSB.

  • Bear Caught On Tape Grinding With A Tree

    So this is what bears do in the middle of the woods when no one's around, huh?

  • Dancing Parrot

    This parrot knows how to swoon.

  • Amazing Merengue-Dancing Dog!

    This dog can do the Merengue better than most humans can walk!

  • Rookie & Carolyn Scott

    Before the Merengue dancing dog, there was Rookie & Carolyn.

  • Beak Banging

    A very metal cockatoo.

  • Dancing Lizard

    Breakin' it down right in the middle of the road.