Twitter Jokes Of The Week: Week 30 (Of 52)

27/07/2012 08:49 BST | Updated 27/07/2012 08:50 BST

In the week before The Olympics, it's natural for the comedy Twitterati to fire their barbs - if that's something you can do with barbs - in the direction of Lord Sebastian Coeca-Cola and rest of World's Sports Day, inc.

Elsewhere, George "110%" Osbourne is the butt of a couple of gags, and Bradley Wiggins - of Tour De France fame - gets in on the action, making fun of Paul McCartney, Stella McCartney and Britain's Olympic kit in one fell tweet.

Then, of course, the blunder of blunders that was the Korean flag mix up sends a few online chucklebringers racing to their keyboards, as did this mini-heatwave we're enjoying of late.

So if you fancy a laugh (in several 140 character doses), sit back and click through this little lot, sharpish.