Please read the following paragraph as if spoken by the gravel-throated man who does all those dramatic voiceovers on blockbuster movie trailers...

In a world where funny animal videos are taking over, a cat has to do something really special in order to stand out from the crowd. That cat has arrived. That cat is 'Indiana Jones'. And he's determined to get where he wants to be.

Basically, what we're saying is: just watch how this Russian puss makes his way from the kitchen floor to the worktop, via the fridge-freezer. You won't be disappointed.

An Indiana Jones hat-tip to our friends at The Poke for unearthing this gem. And if you'd like to see more adventurous animals, may we point you in the direction of our video slideshow of other sneaky cats...

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  • Wrapper Attack

    Poor wrapper never even saw it coming.

  • Good Hiding Spot

    Quietly waiting in the box for the perfect time to strike.

  • Suitcase Attack

    Good luck packing.

  • Stealthy

    Staying perfectly still until the attack.

  • Watch Where You Walk

    Your feet are completely vulnerable to a kitty sneak attack.

  • Around The Corner

    Be careful when you come around that corner in the house.

  • Don't Look Away

    Do take your eyes off that cat for even a second.

  • Computer Attack

    Hopefully there was a screen protector on that thing.

  • Jump Attack

    Always vigilant, even in there.

  • Kitten Attack

    Wait for it... Wait for it...

  • Raccoon Gets Stuffed

    Because toy raccoons are irresistible.

  • Toddler Attack

    Poor kid didn't even see it coming...