The Olympics have led to many amazing things. A sense of happiness and wellbeing across the land, an incredible feeling of unity, and a vague understanding of the rules of judo.

It has also led to an (unsurprisingly latent) appreciation of the sport - nay, art - of dressage.

And yet, if there's one thing more impressive than a performance by a dressage horse, it's a performance by a dressage horse set to hip-hop.

So we tip our (hard) hats to YouTube user philpheburbs for reimagining this version of Danish rider Andreas Helgstrand and his nine-year-old mare Matiné strutting their stuff to... a remix of Lil' Kim's Lighters Up (warning, rude words ahoy).

Well, it makes a pleasant change from some of the music dressage-watchers have to normally endure, doesn't it?

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