Whether it's explaining the purpose of art sat outside the Eiffel Tower or growling at anyone who believes Andy Warhol was a great artist, Robert Hughes' love of art was endlessly infectious and entertaining.

As the world remembers the man who made art criticism into an art form in its own right, here's eight videos that show why he was considered one of the wittiest, engaging - and in some cases, intimidating - cultural commentators of our times.

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  • On the business of art

    "Some of art - not all of it, thank God - but a lot of it has become a cruddy game for the self-aggrandisement of the rich and the ignorant." Robert Hughes is brilliantly dismissive of Damien Hirst and takes one clearly terrified millionaire to task about liking Andy Warhol.

  • On media treatment of the art business

    "Can you imagine waking up each morning and seeing the unspeakingly tedious cliche of Marilyn Monroe's face looking at you?" ...and a later lecture in which Hughes calls the same man a "rich idiot".

  • What art is

    "The basic project of art is to make the world whole..." Ever struggled to define what art is for? Hughes does it for you, brilliantly.

  • Art in politics

    "Art is used like muzak in today's politics"

  • Talking painting with David Hockney

    Hughes talks to Hockney about returning to the simplicity of painting.

  • On The Shock Of The New

    Hughes looks back on his famous collection of essays <em>The Shock Of The New</em>, and reflects on the role of art post-9/11.

  • On being 'conservative'

    "Most of the best art was made in the past" Hughes eloquently dismisses an interviewer who suggest he is 'conservative' during a lecture in Holland.

  • On Anselm Kiefer

    "Should art test the moral imagination?" Hughes discusses whether horrific events from history like the Holocaust should be depicted in art.