While the role of the traditional housewife might be under threat from mass education and rising living costs, it’s still going strong in certain, leafy pockets of England.

According to research by LOVEFiLM, head south of London to Tandridge, Surrey and you’ll find the area with the highest concentration of housewives in the UK.

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The ultimate Mad Men housewife: Betty Draper

While two-thirds of two-adult households in the UK have two incomes, according to a reportby the Resolution Foundation, in London’s commuter belt, 64% of the area's overall population is made up of ladies who look after their homes and families full time.

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  • Betty Draper

    January Jones appears in character as Betty Francis (née Hofstadt, formerly Draper -- yes, that's how housewives roll) from the series 'Mad Men'. In the popular 60s-set drama, the Grace Kelly style blond princess brings new meaning to the phrase 'keeping up appearances'.

  • Gabrielle Solis

    In this publicity image released by ABC, Eva Longoria (playing loyal wife Gabrielle Solis) is shown in a scene from the series finale of 'Desperate Housewives' making a final bid to save her husband from prison.

  • Marcia Cross

    Actress Marcia Cross, who played icy cold and meticulous 'Desperate Housewife' Bree Van de Kamp arrives at the ALMA Awards in 2011.

  • Carol Brady

    Actress Florence Henderson embraced the housewife role in the long-running American series The Brady Bunch (pictured here attending 'TODAY' Show 60th anniversary celebration at The Edison Ballroom on January 12, 2012 in New York City)

  • Penelope Keith

    As housewife Margo Leadbetter in Seventies sitcom The Good Life, actress Penelope Keith took great pains to ensure her domestic role played centre stage (much to husband Jerry's exhaustion).

The top 10 is dominated by areas in the south of the country with districts in Surrey, Kent and Greater London making multiple appearances, according to LOVEFiLM, to mark the launch Desperate Housewives as part of its On Demand service.

Tandridge in East Surrey boasts a higher percentage of housewives than Gloucestershire's Forest of Dean and Merton, Greater London, which fall into second and third place respectively in the list.

Claiming 17th place, Pendle in Lancashire is the first area from the north of the country to feature in the list. The area, close to Burnley and Preston, is one of only two northern entries in the top 25, with North East Derbyshire following close behind in 21st place.

Helen Cowley, Editor of LOVEFiLM commented, in a statement: "We're encouraging Tandridge residents (and housewives across the country), to take a break from looking after the home and indulge in some alternative domestic entertainment."

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  • No 1: Tandridge

  • No 2: Forest of Dean

  • No 3: Merton

  • No 4: Swale

  • No 5: Teignbridge

  • No 6: St Albans

  • No 7: Reigate and Banstead

  • No 8: Hounslow

  • No 9: North Norfolk

  • No 10: Gravesham