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Closing Ceremony London 2012 Olympic Games LIVE BLOG

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Welcome to all Huffington Post readers. London 2012 has been a blast, but after a little more than two weeks it's time to bring the curtain down on the Olympic games.

We'll be live blogging the entire live event here and tweeting from @huffpostuk with Olympic sized efforts from HuffPostUK's deputy news editor @paulvale, executive editor @hullstephen and picture editor @elliotwagland.

Please get involved in the conversation and we hope you enjoy.

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Thanks for following the closing ceremony blog. We hope it helped pass the time.


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@ queenchristina_ : Phew! Looks like Rio entertainment might be as bad as ours. #closingceremony

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@ London2012 : The Handover marks the first time a South American country will host the Olympic Games! #ClosingCeremony

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And if you are wondering who the brush guy is, here’s a clue:

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Right, after a few bizarre moments back there with Russell Brand dressed as a chocolate salesman, an octopus being vomited out the top of a van, the Spice Girls, Monty Python and a cannonball man, the very unbizarre Boris and formalities are to take place.

He’s probably already planning his trip to Rio and with his milky top hair, we’re sure Boris will go down a storm in Brazil.

Just don't let them see this... IT'S BORIS DANCING!!!!!!!!! to the Spice Girls

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@ HuffPostUK : Overhead view of the sadium - #closingceremony

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@ Dmendeskelly : The closing ceremony is making a mockery of road safety regulations.

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@ AntDeRosa : They got Oasis back together!!! #ClosingCeremony

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And the act that everyone seemed to want have done it. The Spice Girls are back! Just like 1996 where Team GB won 1 gold medal.

Fair play, girls. The crowd loved it..

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A bunch of 1990s models seem to have taken to the stage, including Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell. I've lost the thread of this ceremony at the moment. I'm sure they'll pull it back. I HOPE they pull it back!

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George Michael is bossing this crowd now - they've woken up. Great to see him back on fantastic form. Must be a little bit lonely up there.

'Remember you are at the centre of the universe,' he tells the crowd. We certainly are, George.

george michael

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This really is the musical highlight of the night, there’s Freddie Mercury singing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and 101 fragments of a broken sculpture which come together to form the face of John Lennon. He sings Imagine. I can’t imagine what this really has do with anything, but it’s pretty cool.

The show will crash on into the, er, 1990s. It’s London 2012 people, let it go.

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The white boxes which are coming out now and are forming a pyramid apparently represent the 303 sporting events in the Olympics.

And let’s not forget the marathon winner Uganda's Stephen Kiprotich – what a way to receive a medal! The whole (sort of) world is watching, mate. Well done.


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It's director Kim Gavin said it was London calling the world - for a party.

But have we had a bit too much joy?

Brits certainly seemed in a tetchy mood if their tweets were anything to go by - with many deciding the opening ceremony was a flop within minutes of the show starting.

Read in full

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The stadium is now packed with athletes. It's an incredible sight, but the music... it's Madness, Blur and the Pet Shop Boys again. That's a poor show. There's so many great tunes which would fit the mood.

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@ London2012 : We've just added new behind-the-scenes vids about what you're seeing in the #ClosingCeremony to our Ceremonies Explorer

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@ JananGanesh : Opening ceremony, especially the "pandemonium" section, was the best thing I've ever seen. Thankfully nobody remembers closing ceremonies.

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@ Beltrew : Anyone else think #closingceremony is just a bit of a mad mess? In a not particularly good way.

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We’ve cheered, cried and been convinced that our Olympics heroes are indestructible for the last two weeks, and now’s the chance to show our appreciation.

Athletes from more than 200 nations enter the stadium to the sound of Elbow (the band, not the joint joining together the two bits of your arm).

Have a crack at naming them all We bet you can't

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It was the games where we met Team GB's golden couple, where gatecrashing gamesmaker Madhura Nagendra marched with India during the opening ceremony, and where we saw the prime minister do the Mexican wave.

So there were more than a few choices in our slideshow of top Olympic moments.

See all the pictures here:


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Ah, the tear jerker. Last night we were in Mo Faradise, tonight we are in London paradise.

The day draws to a close and the Beatles (again) sounds up, but what’s this? A kink? Yes, it’s Ray Davies arriving in a black cab to play a hit even older than ‘Our House.’

To be fair Waterloo Sunset is a genius song.

FAST FACT: Count them.. that’s right there’s 10,000 lights transforming the newsprint city into a luminous funfair, ooooooh.

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@ KevinBrennanMP : It's a bit like the Brits so far #closingceremony

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@ HenryCP : This feels like a Smash Hits awards show. When will H from Steps start handing out the gongs? #closingceremony

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@ fleetstreetfox : Dear Spice Girls: please stay away from Harry Styles. Tabloid newspapers would explode. #closingceremony

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This really is working through the back catalogue of Britsh-ness. Now it’s Michael Caine in The Italian Job. A great film about a gang of criminals stealing gold from the Italians. The Olympic spirit lives on forever.

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Right, if you are British, you’ll know why the street party has made it into this ceremony. It’s the Diamond Jubilee and when it’s not raining, that’s what we Brits do, right. We street party.

Enter Madness who are performing ‘Our House’ – they seem to get dragged out for all these events to perform their 1982 hit which peaked at Number 5 in the charts. I wonder why it keep gets played? Thoughts welcome…

The Pet Shop Boys are on too now, rocking up on that classic London vehicle the rickshaw to play their 1985 hit ‘West End Girls’. It got to number 1. Now that’s a proper hit.

Oh god, now it’s One Direction. Tea anyone?

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We’ve rushed on from Rush Hour and now to scene two where from the top of Big Ben the figure of Winston Churchill appears – he’s played by Timothy Spall from The King’s Speech.

A giant piece of art work by Damien Hirst will be revealed at the end of these section. Try to contain yourselves!

FAST FACT: The Hirst floor cloth is 5,600 metres squared.

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london olympics

So, according to the media pack we are given when entering the stadium tonight’s ceremony is made up of 11 scenes. The first of these is entitled Rush Hour and it is supposed to show a journey through a day in the life of the city “from early morning rush hour to glittering sunset” – er, that’s the rat race isn’t it?

321 people take in this first part of the show including Julian Lloyd Webber and music from The Beatles (who are they? - answers on a postcard)

In the 'fast fact' section of our press pack it informs us there are 108 vehicles in this scene, including 8 skateboards and 8 folding bikes.

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@ KateRobbins : I'm presuming Boris will do a fifteen minute stand-up to warm audience up at closing ceremony.. BORIS live at the Apollo DVD for Xmas?

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