Closing Ceremony London 2012 Olympic Games LIVE BLOG

12/08/2012 18:37 | Updated 12 August 2012

Welcome to all Huffington Post readers. London 2012 has been a blast, but after a little more than two weeks it's time to bring the curtain down on the Olympic games.

We'll be live blogging the entire live event here and tweeting from @huffpostuk with Olympic sized efforts from HuffPostUK's deputy news editor @paulvale, executive editor @hullstephen and picture editor @elliotwagland.

Please get involved in the conversation and we hope you enjoy.

13/08/2012 00:28 BST


Thanks for following the closing ceremony blog. We hope it helped pass the time.


12/08/2012 23:41 BST

@ queenchristina_ :

Phew! Looks like Rio entertainment might be as bad as ours. #closingceremony

12/08/2012 23:33 BST

@ London2012 :

The Handover marks the first time a South American country will host the Olympic Games! #ClosingCeremony

12/08/2012 23:30 BST


And if you are wondering who the brush guy is, here’s a clue:

12/08/2012 23:28 BST


Right, after a few bizarre moments back there with Russell Brand dressed as a chocolate salesman, an octopus being vomited out the top of a van, the Spice Girls, Monty Python and a cannonball man, the very unbizarre Boris and formalities are to take place.

He’s probably already planning his trip to Rio and with his milky top hair, we’re sure Boris will go down a storm in Brazil.

Just don't let them see this... IT'S BORIS DANCING!!!!!!!!! to the Spice Girls

12/08/2012 23:03 BST

@ HuffPostUK :

Overhead view of the sadium - #closingceremony

12/08/2012 23:01 BST

@ Dmendeskelly :

The closing ceremony is making a mockery of road safety regulations.

12/08/2012 23:01 BST

@ AntDeRosa :

They got Oasis back together!!! #ClosingCeremony

12/08/2012 22:58 BST


And the act that everyone seemed to want have done it. The Spice Girls are back! Just like 1996 where Team GB won 1 gold medal.

Fair play, girls. The crowd loved it..

12/08/2012 22:29 BST


A bunch of 1990s models seem to have taken to the stage, including Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell. I've lost the thread of this ceremony at the moment. I'm sure they'll pull it back. I HOPE they pull it back!

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