Watch out ladies of the night. The 21st century man might not just be after a quickie.

According to new research, men who become regular clients of sex workers often develop feelings of romance and love.

While it is commonly believed men who pay for sex are attempting to avoid emotional commitment, according to a study published in Men and Masculinities, men have started to seek out intimacy on demand.

men love prostitues

Richard Gere fell for prostitute Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

"In recent years, we have come to see a gradual normalization of independent escort prostitution, where sexual encounters have come to resemble quasi-dating relationships," said study author Christine Milrod, in a statement.

"Regular clients of a particular sex provider often come to experience feelings of deep affection, which can progress into an authentic love story."

In this study, Milrod and co-author Ronald Weitzer analyzed 2,442 postings on an online discussion board from a sex provider review site where more than a million clients of sex workers read and post about their experiences.

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  • Hugh Grant

    British actor Hugh Grant looked a little sheepish after being busted in Los Angeles for indecent conduct with Hollywood prostitute Divine Brown back in 1995, just weeks before the release of his first studio film Nine Months.

  • Charlie Sheen

    <a href="" target="_hplink">According to the <em>NY Pos</a>t</em>, Mr Sheen doesn't do much to hide his use of prostitutes. Two years ago, he <a href="" target="_hplink">allegedly trashed his room at The Plaza Hotel after partying with a hooker</a>.

  • Jerry Springer

    It's an open secret that Springer's name turned up on a personal check for a prostitute's services during a raid on a brothel, while he was serving as a Cincinnati city councilman. However, he still made it to mayor five years later and then went on to host the incredibly successful eponymous chat show.

  • Tiger Woods

    Insiders have told newspapers that Tiger Woods has ordered the services of prostitutes in his life <a href="" target="_hplink">According to the NY Post</a>, well-known Hollywood madam, Michelle Braun said she sent at least four escorts on pay-for-sex dates with Woods.

Approximately one-third included a discussion about emotional intimacy between sex workers and their clients, many of whom expressed a desire to grow their relationships beyond the physical level in the form of sharing private feelings and mutual love.

"These relationships follow a conventionally romantic script that normalizes the liaison and destigmatizes both provider and client," stated Milrod.


"The study shows that this kind of normalization may manifest itself in a merger of finances, families and finally monogamous partnerships – the provider is no longer just a supplier of the girlfriend experience, but a real-life romantic partner."