The time to pick your university is fast-approaching. You may be considering nightlife or distance from home (the further the better) as top priorities in picking where to spend the next three years.

But if money is a worry, then take a look at the cost of accommodation in your university town. It may make you reconsider.


Rise In University Rent Accommodation Prices Sees Students Paying More Than £100 Per Week

Students Travel More Than Commuters To Get To University Due To Housing Costs

Most Expensive University Towns Reveal

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  • Pontypridd £45.94

    (It doesn't always rain..)

  • Stockton £47.45

    If it's good enough for the torch

  • Stoke-on-Trent £49.20

    Er, ditto...

  • Middlesbrough £49.21

  • Wolverhampton £51.58

  • Belfast £51.94

    Home of happy excitable people

  • Bolton £54.75

  • Crewe £54.95

  • Derby £56.03

  • Bradford £56.34

    Home to Bradford Bulls rugby club