Bad Smell Biggest 'Turn Off' To Opposite Sex (PICTURES Best Smelling Celebs)

17/08/2012 13:08 BST | Updated 17/08/2012 14:07 BST

You might have spent hours fiddling with your hair, picking out an outfit or working on your sparkling repartee. But a news survey suggests that 80% of women say that a man who smells bad is the biggest no-no.

According to the poll, over three quarters of Brits would find the opposite sex less attractive if they smelt bad – surprisingly a bigger turn off than a poor sense of humour (14%) and bad dress sense (1%).

Slightly weirdly, those surveyed were also asked who would be their 'top smelling date'. And, no surprises, the waftingly lovely Duchess of Cambridge topped the poll.


A certain male royal just can't resist leaning in...

It seems like the best advice for people looking for love is to keep on top of their washing with clean, fresh-smelling clothes coming top in the poll carried out by Surf liquid detergent.

The poll also revealed both men and women find bad breath (38%) and the smell of cigarettes (37%) highly unattractive.

Six Least Attractive Smells In Women, According to Men

  • Cigarettes - 44%
  • Bad breath - 33%
  • Flatulence - 7%
  • Stale alcohol - 7%
  • Cheesy feet - 5%
  • Fake tan - 4%

But who else came out on top (and bottom) in the star smell ranking...?

Best To Worst Smelling Celebrity Dates

A third of Brits also said that the scent of sun cream is the most reminiscent of summer holidays, while over a quarter of agreed the smell of the seaside evokes the strongest memories of great summer holidays.

Six Least Attractive Smells In Men, According To Women

  • Bad breath - 42%
  • Cigarettes - 31%
  • Flatulence - 10%
  • Stale alcohol - 9%
  • Cheesy feet - 6%
  • Fake tan - 1%