Badly Stuffed Animals: Facebook Collates The Very Best Of Bad Taxidermy (PICTURES)

21/08/2012 16:12 | Updated 22 August 2012

Taxidermy can be a misunderstood art form at the best of times, but a glance at these horrors is likely to put you off for life.

Take for instance “yoga dog”, a deceased canine arranged in the lotus position, or the fox that appears, despite the artist’s best efforts, to look like a plank of wood.

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Top points for imagination, no points for anything else

These abominations are just some of the visual nightmares collated in a Facebook page known aptly as “Badly Stuffed Animals”.

With a fan base of nearly 13,000 followers, it just goes to show bad taste will never go out of fashion.

Badly Stuffed Animals

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