Steps' Claire Richards: 'I'm Not Going To Diet Again'

22/08/2012 15:52 | Updated 23 August 2012

Claire Richards' battle with her weight has been well documented, but she has vowed she isn't going to ever diet again.

The Steps star has proclaimed she is now content with her size, having accepted she is "not meant to be a size 10".

claire richards

She told Closer magazine: "I got so sick of dieting. I felt happiest when I wasn't starving myself and decided that actually, this is me.

"I'm not meant to be a size 10. It's not going to rule my life any more."

The star's weight has fluctuated over the years, and at her heaviest she reached 16 and a half stone after she gave birth to her son Charlie in 2007. She then lost wieght in time for her wedding in 2008, but put it on again after she had her second child in 2009.

Earlier this year, Claire revealed she suffered from bulimia during Steps' heyday.

claire richards

“I was young, in the spotlight and under pressure - not only to perform but to look a certain way. Controlling your food intake gives you the sense you’re in control of life."


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